Moving In/Out Cleaning

The stress of moving is enough to drive anyone over the edge. When you add in the fact that you might be charged for damage above your security deposit, the whole process can be nerve-wracking. Let us help make your move experience a little better. We provide apartment move out cleaning in Rockville. We also provide a receipt and checklist to give to your landlord or realtor. Our move-in/move- out service includes a top-to- bottom cleaning of your apartment, house or rental, with some extra services additional.
All Rooms Bathrooms Kitchen Bedrooms/Living Rooms
Baseboards Countertops All Surfaces Electronics
Blinds Mirror Countertops and backsplashes Hallways
Ceiling Fans Outside of Cabinets Outside of Cabinets Make Beds
Cobwebs Sinks Sinks Staircases
Door Knobs Tiles Top of the refrigerator Table tops
Dusting Toilets Microwave + Inside

Under the bed

Furniture Tubs/Showers Outside of appliances ----
Lamp and Lamp shades Waste baskets Stove Hood Top ----
Light Switches ---- ---- ----
Pictures ---- ---- ----
Stairs ---- ---- ----
Trash ---- ---- ----
Vacuuming and Mopping ---- ---- ----
Windows Sills ---- ---- ----
Choose your cleaning

EASY AS 1, 2, 3!